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Judd Johnson - The Future of the Hardwood Lumber Industry

Judd Johnson

Judd Johnson is editor of Hardwood Market Report. He joined the company in 1994 after spending the first 18 years of his career in the hardwood industry. While working in the industry, Mr. Johnson’s experience ranged from lumber inspection, to lumber procurement and processing, to sales, and on to secondary manufacturing with furniture, dimension, and flooring manufacturers.

The Hardwood Market Report, the company’s flagship publication, is considered the authoritative report on North American hardwood pricing and markets. Mr. Johnson is honored to lead a team that has never missed a weekly deadline in its nearly 95-year history.

In his 22 years with the company, he has developed and contributed to many initiatives to help hardwood companies improve their business. Publications include The Year at a Glance, a magazine produced annually from 1998 through 2008 that pulled together rich information from all industry sectors into a single collection of work; HMR Executive®, a monthly publication concentrating on issues that influence business activity for hardwoods; and HMR Import Newsletter, a new monthly journal detailing trends in markets and pricing for major temperate and tropical hardwood lumber species imported into the U.S.

Mr. Johnson is regularly featured as a speaker at conferences and conventions for state, regional, national, and international trade events that serve the hardwood lumber industry and secondary wood products manufacturing sectors.


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