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The Future of the Hardwood Lumber Industry

Jan Wiedenbeck

Jan Wiedenbeck is a Research Forest Products Technologist and Team Leader with the Northern Research Station of the USDA Forest Service located in Princeton, West Virginia. She joined the Forest Service in 1992. She received her bachelor’s degree in Forestry from the University of Michigan and her Masters and PhD. degrees from Virginia Tech in Wood Science and Forest Products. Prior to graduate school, Jan worked for 6 years in forest industry in Louisiana and Mississippi.

Jan is a Past President of the Forest Products Society and former Editor-in-Chief of the Forest Products Journal. Her research focuses on improving efficiency in the manufacture of solid hardwood products, on improving our understanding of the quality requirements of different hardwood processing sectors, on learning how silvicultural treatments and management systems impact quality attributes, and the potential utility of non-destructive evaluation of trees and logs for enhanced decision making in managing multi-use forests.


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