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Lahti, Finland

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Concurrent Session I

Hardwood Forestry Practices & Hardwood Quality

Author Title

M. Nocetti , M. Brunetti, and A. Giovannelli

Improvement of Pruning Technique to Minimize Wood Discoloration in English Walnut (Juglans regia L.)

A. Richter and F. Rouger

An overview of the French situation for hardwoods

J. Wright

Advances in Hardwood Plantation Systems and Implications for Biomass Plantations

A. Paredes, L. Nutto, and G. Becker

Colombian Lesser Known Hardwood Species: is there a Potential for Sustainable Secondary Forest Management?

H. Bailleres, R. Magavin, and F. Lane

Veneer, Plywood and LVL from Early-age Thinnings of Plantations of Sub-tropical Hardwoods in Queensland, Australia

Hardwood Supply Chain Management & Manufacturing

Author Title

M. Marra, V. Castellani, N. Mirabella, S. Sala, M. Negri, and S. Guercini

Characteristics and Sustainability Assessment of Short Forestry-wood Chain for Alpine Hardwood Furniture

M. Schmitt, C. Fricke, and U. Buehlmann

Lean Awareness in Virginia's Wood Products and Furniture Industry

A. Andersch, U. Buehlmann, J. Wiedenbeck, and S. Lawser

Product Costing Practices in the North American Hardwood Component Industry

O. Espinoza, U. Buehlmann, M. Bumgardner, and B. Smith

Manufacturers and Distributors in the U.S. Hardwood Lumber Supply Chain: Perceptions of Industry Trends

W. Shi and P. M. Smith

Exploring International Opportunities for American Hardwoods Via International Furniture Supply Trade Shows in China

Hardwood Innovations of the Future

Author Title

S. Berti, P. Burato, F. Cervo, N. Gaeti, M. Leder, G. Pasetto

Optimization of Thermal Transmittance on Hardwood Glulam for Window Frames

R. Wimmer, M. Weigl, and S. Schoeneberg

Particle Boards made from Hardwoods - What is the Significance?

C. Barbuta, P. Blanchet, A. Cloutier, V. Yadama, and J. Deteix

Development of an OSB Substrate for Engineered wood Flooring: A Project Overview

T. L. Alpar, A. A. Pavlekovics, L. Csoka, and L. Horvath

Wood Wool Cement Boards Produced with Nano Minerals

H. Hosseinkhani, L. K. Motagh, and A. Kharazipour

A study on the Physical and Mechanical Properties of Particleboard Produced in Iran