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Remaining Competitive in the Wood Components Production

Workshop held at the USDA Forest Service's Wood Education and Research Center on April 20 and 21, 2009 (pre-conference website)

Interested parties can obtain the workshop presentations and videos in high quality on a DVD by requesting it from Urs Buehlmann at

Remaining Competitive

Presentations and Videos

PART 1: Economy and the Wood Industry

PART 2: Lean Manufacturing

PART 3: Green Certification

  • Phil Araman (USDA-FS)
    Green Products and Systems with an EarthCraft Housing Development … Plus … Wood Waste and Potential Recycling PDF 3.1MB
  • George Barrett (Hardwood Review)
    North American Hardwood & Component Parts PDF 561KB Full Video 20:08
  • Margaret Fisher (AWI, Saunders Wood Specialties)
    Customer Expectations PDF 2MB Full Video 29:29
  • Mike Snow (AHEC)
    Environmental Policies, Illegal Logging, Trade and the US Hardwood Industry PDF 2MB Full Video 24:27
  • Catherine Mater (Mater Eng. LTD)
    Forest Certification, Carbon-Banking, and the Next Generation of Forestland Owners PDF 5.9MB Full Video 28:04
  • Panel Discussion Day 2
    Full Video 41:52
  • Phil Araman (USDA-FS)
    Hardwood Lumber Grading and Process Evaluation System Test Results (Best Lumber Uses) PDF 1.9MB